7'3 bic Wahine Surfboard
Bic Sport 7ft 3 surfboard, the worlds most popular surfboard shape.





7'3'' Mini Malibu Wahine

A fantastic board for lighter weight beginner riders, this 7 ‘3” is the ideal combination of stability for paddling, plus manoeuvrability for staying on your wave and will also be much appreciated by much more experienced surfers. A board that will take you from the smallest wavelets to the biggest breakers.  Dedicated to surfer girls, this year's collection of ACS Wahine surfboards reflects the glorious fact that even more girls are getting into surfing. Based on the same shapes as many of the top selling BIC SURFBOARDS the Wahine collection comes in 6'7", 7'3" and 7'9"  and is suited to all levels of women’s recreational surfing. The Wahine are customized with a unique girls flavour while retaining the all important technical aspects that have made these boards so popular with female surfers. A great choice for girls getting into surfing with sufficient volume making surfing as easy as possible, while being light and manoeuverable enough for transportation, carrying and of course catching waves. The Wahine collection is being produced in a Limited Series which adds to the board’s value and exclusivity.

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