Bic 9'10" SUP paddleboard





The DURA-TEC Original series of paddleboards are some of the lightest weight, best performing entry-level boards on the market. With an outer polyethylene shell like a kayak and a high-density foam core like those found in traditional surfboards, DURA-TEC delivers a high level of durability with the authentic boardsport feel and performance of higher priced, and much more fragile, epoxy boards. Suitable for a wide range of users for both flat water fun and small wave surfing, DURA-TEC boards are perfect for families, rental programs, schools, and anyone looking for maximum durability and value with true boardsport performance.  DURA-TEC construction is legendary for rugged performance at a great price.

The 9’10 is a shorter, wider board with plenty of floatation and usable deck area for family fun, especially exploring lakes and other flat, still water. A hybrid vee-shaped bow improves both glide and tracking despite the boards shorter length. The added stability and flat deck make the 9’10 a great board for fitness and yoga. A reassuringly solid multi-purpose board.

Extremely Rugged Construction
Embossed EVA deck pad for ultimate comfort and excellent grip
Attachment Points for securing gear

Length: 9ft 10 inches
Width: 32.5 inches
Thickness: 4.6 inches
Weight: 40 lbs
Volume: 185 litres
Dura-Tec Construction: Highly resistant polyethylene skin over a high-density polyurethane foam core makes for a durable
Hybrid V-shaped bow: Gives good glide and tracking
Full rail-to-rail volume: Provides large usable deck area
Four deck attachment points: Great for securing and transporting your gear
Exceptional durable
Fully Integrated FCS Fin Box
Ergo-Grip handle : Makes handling the board easier
Shaper: Patrice Remoiville, who has over 25 years' experience of shaping boards for watersports
Rider Ability Level: Beginner and up
Maximum Rider Weight for good stability: 87kg

Overall: This is a shorter, wider board that gives the paddler plenty of flotation and has a large usable deck area.  It is ideal for exploring lakes and still water, and many coastal bays, inlets and areas. The flat deck and excellent stability make this a particularly good board for yoga, and ideal for people taking their first steps in SUP.


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